Jun 16, 2012

Market to Market

Yesterday, Walker picked out a book from the local bookstore here in Cedar City, Utah. "Market to Market" by Nikki McClure.  I have always loved McClure's distinctive and beautiful paper-cut artwork, but this book is particularly special.  The book follows a boy and his mother to the community market as they buy local produce and hand-baked goodies. If you've got little ones, its worth picking it up when you have a chance.

This morning, Walker and I had an opportunity to go to the local farmer's market and stock up on produce for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's Father's Day brunch!  Walker wanted to know the names of the people selling and the people who grew the produce.  It was such fun. When we returned home, Walker wanted to try all the food right away: heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, baby spinach, red peppers, fresh basil, eggs, and especially the watermelon. Here's a picture of our treasure:

I need to get more familiar with the farmers markets in my area.  I know that Plano. TX has one, but I've never been.  Do you frequent the farmer's market in your area?


Jacki said...

I love going to Dallas Farmer's Market, but I haven't figured out which stalls represent local growers. All of the produce is beautiful and tempting, but we use mostly organic produce, and local when we can find it.

Betsy said...

Seattle Broadway market every Sunday May to November is my favorite of all the Seattle Farmers' markets. And I can walk from home so good exercise, wonderful produce - all Washington grown - lots of people watching and usually some interesting local musicians!