Jun 15, 2012


I attended a yoga class on Wednesday at Sage Hills Healing Center - my third class in a week.  Melanie, the instructor, had the practitioners doing a physical gesture that looked like a swimming stroke. We all imagined that we were swimming in a Pranic Ocean. While we were "swimming" our little hearts out, she asked a series of questions that I've never really considered before.  She said, "Your heart works for you, but have you been working for your heart? Your liver and pancreas work so hard for you, but do you work for your liver and pancreas?" 

I was dumb struck. Then as I "swam" my mind carried it further. My bowels work for me, keeping me free from poisons and toxins, but do I work for my bowels?  My skin works for me, keeping me at a perfect temperature and eliminating dead cells.  But do I work for my skin?  My circulatory and nervous systems work so hard for me, but do I work for my systems? 

Certainly, I am working more for my body that I was a year ago.  However, I still continually put my health in jeopardy with day to day choices. We all do. I guess my time in the yoga studio with Melanie simply awakened me to the many ways in which I can better care for my organs, my systems and my physical body. Maybe one martini is enough. Perhaps a few french fries is sufficient. And when I do consume a food or imbibe a beverage, why not take an extra moment to thank my body for absorbing the nutrients, transforming the energy and eliminating the toxins. Because when you get right down to it - its a fucking miracle.

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Jacki said...

Just today, on an unplanned 9-mile run, was feeling so thankful for my much improved health and fitness. Because of how well I've been treating my body lately, it's paid me back by breezing through that long run like it was a little 2 mile jaunt. It was such a fantastic feeling!