Jul 16, 2012

Weigh In - Week 58

Do you guys remember the movie Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion?  One of the great films of 1997. Any way there is a scene where they're at a spin class trying to "get fit". 

Michelle:  Hey Romy.
Romy: Yeah Michelle?
Michelle: Remember when I had Mono?
Romy: Oh yeah, you were totally sick.
Michelle: It was like the best diet ever!
Romy: Oh totally.

Well, today I'm sick sick sick. I caught the dreaded Texas tummy big that everyone and their mother has had over the past few weeks. Jack had it, Walker had it, my friends and their kids have had it and now I have it.  I spent most of the night dealing with body functions I'd rather not talk about in this forum.  The upshot is that I have finally broken my 6 week weight loss stand off.

After 3 boot camp classes, a kick-ass 5K where I beat my personal record and a night of "viral evacuation", I'm down a pound. Will it come back?  Probably.  But don't be like that... just let me enjoy this moment.

Pounds lost this week: 1
Total pounds lost: 76

Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino as Romy and Michelle

The "I Did It" List
attended three boot camp classes
juiced a little (but not enough)
made healthy meals for me and my family
and my husband, Jack, attended two yoga classes!


Erin @ Smaller in time said...

Haha one of my blog followers just linked me this post! I've been concerned about losing weight lately due to my inactivity because I have mono, but I guess that in and of itself is a diet! Love the quote. Congrats on 1lb loss! Take every bit you can get!

ECW74 said...

Feel better!!

Connie said...

Have your moment! A pound down, is a pound down. Congratulations! and I hope you feel better soon. Reminds me of the white wine diet I did once, totally by accident of course. But, I did drop a couple of pounds.

Anonymous said...

I so remember that movie and mono sucks! lol and yes it's the best diet ever!