Jul 15, 2012

Too Hot To Handle 5K Wrap-Up

Today I ran the Too Hot to Handle 5K at White Rock Lake. Maybe it was because I was running with friends... or maybe it was the free 5-Hour Energy shooter that I was handed on the way in... whatever the reason, I had a marvelous time and ran a great race. I ran my personal best: 35 minutes and 53 seconds. 

Here I am with some wonderful women - from left to right: Jacki (who inspired me to start running in the first place), Karri (this was her first ever 5K and she ROCKED it out!), Lacey (midwife extraordinaire who has recently dropped 30 pounds and started running) and me!  We have 13 children between the four of us and have collectively dropped a total of 144 pounds in the past two years! Today, we were super women.

One of my favorite parts about the race is walking to the start line. Everyone is smiling and nodding and back patting in anticipation of the race. And you get to see a little bit of everybody. The seasoned runner who signs up for 5Ks just to stay loose, the first timer who is tapping everyone they can find on the shoulder to say, "This is my first race!" and the running groups that are all wearing the same shirts.  Big, little, fat, fit, old, young, kids, dogs - we're all here to run a few miles together. It's pretty great.

And my least favorite part of races: the porta-potties.  I hate, hate, hate waiting in line to hover over a hole and pee before I run. But you have to do it. Its like a rite of passage or something. Plus, who wants to hit mile two, realize they can't make it to the finish without peeing and dash off course to find a bush. No one.

So there you have it. 
The best and worst of my fourth 5K.


Jacki said...

I wish I would have gotten a pic of you! You were so fast I didn't have time to get ready! I got a great shot of the runners eating your dust, though!

Karri said...

It was such a pleasure running with you lovely ladies! Sarah, you ran like the wind! I was *so* impressed and, to risk overuse of the word, inspired! Also, YOU are responsible for over half of our total weight loss. Amazing. Final note, we have 13 children total. :)

Sarah Greenman said...

Thanks Karri and Jacki! And 13 kids? I must have skipped Charlie! Note taken.


Karri said...

Haha - I doubt you forgot Charlie! It was probably my daughter Keli, age 23. Anyway, I sure hope to see you all back there next year. <3

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ladies!!