Jul 12, 2012

Raw Fudge Brownie with Mango Cashew Kreme

I got jiggy last night with my Vitamix blender and made a yummy raw dessert! Inspired by the Fudge Brownie recipe from Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast (page 161), I created the concoction below.  It's not a particularly pretty dessert, but boy is it good.

Raw Fudge Brownie

1 cup raw (unsoaked) walnuts 
1/4 cup Cacao Powder
pinch sea salt to taste
1/3 cup pitted dates
1/4 cup frozen blueberries (or other berry)
1/4 teaspoon maca powder to taste (optional)

I simply pulsed all of the above ingredients in my Vitamix, scraping down the sides as needed until it was all blended together. It makes a dense, moist ball of goodness. Then I split it into two bowls as is.

Ani Phyo is far more civilized than I am and here are her instructions: 

Combine walnuts, cacao powder, salt and maca in a food processor. Pulse into medium pieces. Use some of this mix to powder the bottom of a baking pan. Add dates and pulse to mix well (she doesn't include the frozen blueberries - that was my own bit of brilliance). Batter should stick together when squeezed into a ball. If it's too loose, add a few more sticky dates to help bind it together. If too sticky, add a few more crushed walnuts to firm it up.

Scoop brownie mix into the powdered baking pan and flatten it to 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick pressing lightly. Cut into squares. To serve place brownie in a dish and top with berries (or cashew mango kreme like I did!).

Cashew Mango Kreme

1 mango peeled and pitted
1 small apple (I used gala) cored and peeled
1/2 cup cashews
6 pitted dates
1-2 heaping Tablespoon of raw honey
1/4 - 1/2 cup almond milk for desired consistency

Blend all ingredients together until smooth and serve over Fudge Brownie. 
This is also great served as a fruit dip.


appletee said...

I want to believe you, but I'm skeptical. lol

KiKiD said...

That looks so amazing!