Aug 28, 2012

Where've You Been? (A weigh in of sorts)

When did I become so busy?  I kind of hate it. I have been traveling all summer, juggling my boys and Charlie's many medical requirements. I have been planning, packing, unpacking, re-working, organizing and on and on.  I'm so tired.

You've all been there, right?  That place where there are so many undone things that they become a malaise of "I'll get to it". I don't like feeling this way.  It seems the modern mother is being shot out of a cannon before she opens her eyes in the morning and is burning the midnight oil to prepare for what comes next. 

I did not weigh in yesterday.  It's the first time in over a year that a Monday came and went without my noticing. This past week is a blur. My son was fitted for orthotic leg braces, both boys were vaccinated (who doesn't love two screaming children at 11am on a Tuesday?), my husband spent Friday afternoon having a Vasectomy (yay), which put him out of commission for the weekend, and my little family of four will be flying to Seattle in two days for my brother-in-law's wedding.  (This will be the fourth time this summer that I've flown with a 2 and 4 year old).

September Goal?  Slow the fuck down. I don't care if I lose any weight. But I do care about reigning in my output, eating the way I want to eat and creating some breathing room for things like sitting in my living room without a day-planner in my hands.

How will I do this?  I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to spend a little time this weekend (in between wedding stuff) to think about what I need and how I can get it.  Any wisdom, experience or experiments you'd like to share with me in the comments section would be welcome. 

Pounds lost this week: 0
Total pounds lost: 78

The "I Did It" List
went to my local farmers market for fresh produce and grass-fed lamb
attended one boot camp class (the instructors cancelled classes to attend a conference)
 completed 7 loads of laundry
juiced a few mornings
reclaimed our guest room and made it over into my home office and studio
held my babies while they endured injections in the thigh and didn't fall apart


Connie said...

All I can tell you, is it gets a little easier every year. Pace yourself, and ask for help when you need it. You are amazing!

Karri said...

I relate to this post on so many levels. I "got tired" about 5 years ago. I then did two things that, for me, were very drastic. I learned to say no. No with excuses/reasons, no all by itself, no thank you, no way, etc. No was a problem for me for a long time, because I do love saying yes, but I have since reworked my priority system, and that little two letter word was the red pen. The other thing I did was sell my car. Okay, that might be drastic for almost everyone. LOL But not driving *all the time* really forced me to slow down and simplify to the point where I no longer know how I did without all the precious time it stole from me. All of that to say that it takes drastic, life altering decisions sometimes, but if you find you're tired and unhappy, then you're making those decisions for everyone you love. <3

Lindsay Sanchez said...

I don't do nearly as much as you do, and I've only got the one little one, but woah! Reading your blog today made me feel less crazy. :) Busy sucks when its constant. Wishing you some down time!

Anonymous said...

Learn to say no. We moved across the country a few months ago, so I was forced to leave behind many volunteer positions and vowed I wouldn't pick up near what I was putting down once we got settled in our new city. Even though I find myself feeling lazy a lot more often, I have kept the promise to myself and am not filling every minute of the day doing for others. I was a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for years (as a Big), which consumed hours of my time each month. Now, instead, I'm looking for volunteer activities like "Bingo Caller" at the local senior citizens center. Far less of a time commitment. With small children, especially one who is special needs, sometimes you CAN'T 'just say no' - but pace yourself, as someone else advised. Make your children choose one sport or hobby, not 3 and 4, like some parents I know.