Sep 17, 2012

Check In - Week 67

This week, I've been taking stock of what is good in my life. I'm still working on it, because it takes a long time to acknowledge the extensive and ever-widening list of awesomeness in my world. When I slow down and count the ways in which goodness and plenty manifest in my life, I am overwhelmed. Bing Crosby sings to Rosemary Clooney about it in "White Christmas". Counting my blessings is always a great exercise and a beautiful way to center myself and step into a space of gratitude when I'm feeling less than myself. Last weekend was a doozy, but somehow this week, things are looking brighter. Why? No reason. I'm just becoming more comfortable with the current state of things, I suppose.

This week, I attended three classes at Positively Fit.  I also met a chiropractor who offered to see me for an adjustment since my body is in a state of revolt. I have an appointment set for tomorrow. (Yay!)  And on the food front? I did not attend to my eating habits this week whatsoever. One thing at a time, eh?

My weight is starting to matter less and less to me. I think there are two main reasons behind this shift. One is that I've been at a constant weight, more or less, for the whole summer. I think my body is very comfortable and happy at this weight. The other reason is that, while I'd like to drop another 20 pounds or so, my current weight is a healthy one.  It's not my ideal weight, but by all calculations, its a healthy, physically fit body.  And for now, that's enough for me.

So from now on, instead of weighing in on Mondays at Smaller Sarah, I'm going to simply check in. You know... its that thing you do when you call your mom at the end of the month.  You check in. You tell her what you've been up to. You re-cap. You touch base and connect.

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Connie said...

Thanks for checking in. All things happen in their own time. You are fit, you are beautiful and that is enough. You inspire me to take stock in what is important and choose my battles carefully. Love you, Mama