Sep 27, 2012

Do Things From Your Soul

How am I yanking my butt out of the Debbie-downer funk I've been in?  By making the choice to actively participate in my own healing.  No one is going to do it for me - I've always known that. But I'm finally ready to shift my body and brain out of second gear and really open her up.

This week, I've been making a lot of art. (I'll show you what I've been up to in a few days.) I've been drinking lots of water (and wine). And I've been knocking myself out at boot camp, which while exhausting in the moment, is ultimately very energizing - like a defibrillator, shocking my system back into action. 

Last night, I attended a talk at Positively Fit Lake Highlands centered around nutrition and eating whole foods. It was a lovely reminder to cut back on the poisonous chemical laden crap that is readily available at every grocery store, restaurant and vending machine in America. Again, I know all this to be true, its just nice to hear it again. It's as if we sometimes need a quiet voice to come along and say, "Yeah, so that thing you know to be true....  it's still true."

Art, water, exercise, clean food, supportive husband - I've got everything I'll ever need. As one of my readers pointed out last week, "This is your new life. Maintenance is about the long haul." She's right: weight maintenance is not nearly as flashy or exciting as weight loss.  Sometimes I'll be up and sometimes I'll be down. But I'll never be what I once was and therein lies my success.

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Jacki said...

Today, half way thru my run, I stopped at Pike Park. As I sat swinging and looking out over Dallas from that high hill, I had a moment of clarity: all of the stupid screwed up decisions I had ever made had landed me in that blissful moment, right then. Right then I was filled with happiness and contentment, and I realized that all the crap was really behind me (up ahead is NEW But, it was a great moment. My behind is in my past. ;)