Nov 18, 2012

Thank you and a Hiatus

Hello dear readers.

I'm writing today to tell you that I'm taking a hiatus from Smaller Sarah.  Its been a fantastic run.  I set out in June of 2011 to lose 75 pounds in one year and I did it!  The past five months since reaching my goal have been filled with all sorts of triumphs and set backs and at this time, I'm taking a leave from the blog to focus on living life as a smaller version of my self.  I've got big plans for the future, all of which need my full and present attention:

I'm working on my book, which many of you have inspired.

I'm taking care of my two young children, one of which has some BIG medical needs.

I'm continuing my work-out regiment at my beloved Positively Fit Lake Highlands.

I'm still negotiating healthy food choices, which will always be a life long battle.

And finally, I'll continue to blog at La Maison Boheme about life, design, motherhood, art, healthy living and the human experience.

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me weather the hard times and celebrate my successes.  Your contribution here at Smaller Sarah cannot be quantified.  All I have is gratitude and love for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Betsy said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments and your choices! xoxoxo

sweetbittertart said...

Well done! Your journey has been so encouraging, educational, positive and inspiring. Thanks for letting us participate. Best wishes for all the journeys to come. : )

Alison said...

Will miss your posts, but totally understand your decision. Your journey has touched so many lives - thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

I will really miss your updates -- and wish you continued success on your weigh loss/lifestyle change journey. You didn't do it the easy way, but instead, the RIGHT way -- you earned every ounce of fat loss and muscle gain. Kudos to you!

Karen Schlesinger said...

Sarah, you have inspired me with your transformation, your energy and your spirit! I have just discovered La Maison Boheme and the life you breathe into color and your home. I am thoroughly enchanted with your courage, talent, and wisdom. I will continue to follow you on LMB and wish you continued success in everything you do!Thank you for sharing your journey so generously.

Anonymous said...

I think about you and your journey all the time - and have been checking back for an update from you. I'd love to know how you're doing!


Sarah Greenman said...

Amber - thank you for your note and for keeping the candles lit here at Smaller Sarah. I am well and enjoying the winter with my family. I still attend boot camp classes 3 times a week at Positively Fit but I've seriously fallen off the food wagon. Even with that, though, I've only put on about 10 pounds in the past four months. My plan for the spring is to do a juice cleanse and reintroduce my previous raw diet, which was so wonderful for me, my health and my systems. All in all, I think life is moving along really well - although I miss blogging here. Maybe in time I'll be able to pick it back up again!