Feb 16, 2013

Begin Again

Hi.  I'm back.  
Are you still here?  Because if you are, you're amazing!

It's been three months since my last post announcing a hiatus from the blog. I took time off to be with my family, enjoy the holidays, work on my book, paint in my studio and frankly - eat a bunch of Christmas comfort food in peace.  I've been snacking on sweet holiday treats and enjoying dinners with friends and family where the main ingredients were brisket and beer.  I know, I know.  It's a far cry from my previous diet - you know - the one that helped me lose 75 pounds?

I've put on some weight, I've gained a few inches in my waist and while I'm not so far gone that I can't run a 5K, I'm certainly not feeling optimal.  I've continued to attend boot camp classes and I've stayed in fair shape.  Now, after a mini bacchanalia of carbohydrates and sugar, I'm ready to begin again.

So, I'm back.  Today, I dusted off my juicer, took my measurements and created a 30 day calendar to chart my progress.  Starting today, I'm doing a 10-day green juice fast.  I did one last spring and LOVED it.  I felt good, I shed a bunch a weight and it really kick started my final round of weight loss. After my 10 day juice fast I will add raw dinners back onto the menu and continue to juice through out the day.  I will continue this for 20 days.  I will still attend boot camp 3 times a week as I have always done and I'm also gearing up for a couple of spring 5ks and a 10k.  And, most importantly, I'll be blogging about it here.  I've missed you all!

30 Day Goals

1. Shed the winter weight
2. Cleanse my system
3. Give my digestive tract a break
4. Kick start the spring with clean eating and a clear mind

It's good to be back!


Stephanie said...

So nice to see you blogging again! I needed a kick start to she'd my winter weight, so I thank you for beginning again! I look forward to your posts!!!

Kristine Mitchell said...

You've inspired me to begin again after a bad set back with my foot injury and surgery. So glad to read your post today. Thanks!

Anna said...

I have missed reading from your blog so much! Welcome back and wishing you every success! I love your honesty and your ability to write from your heart. Looking forward to reading about your journey. It is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYY!! Love that you're back!


Carrie said...

Glad to see you back and getting back on track!!! :)