Aug 12, 2013

Some Things Take Time

Patience with oneself...
that is a toughie for me.

This summer has been a whirlwind of travel with no real home base to steady myself. I had high hopes for June, July and August - juicing, eating balanced meals, running - but going place to place with two children in airplanes and driving long days in borrowed cars isn't very conducive to establishing a healthy routine. That would have required more planning than I had time or energy for.

I know how to be healthy but I just couldn't cut it this summer.
Patience, Sarah, patience.

Well... I'm home now. I'm home and I'm ready to recalibrate. After months of shuffling kids, organizing sleeping arrangements and plopping down on couches after over-large summer meals, I'm looking forward to facilitating some healthy choices. I know what to do. It starts by getting out the door in the morning in a pair of tennis shoes and finishing the day with water instead of wine.

Ready? Set? Go forward with patience.


The "I Did It" List

juiced three out of seven mornings
filled my fridge with lots of healthy veggies
skipped the ice cream and popcorn isle while visiting the grocery store
wrote two articles on deadline
enjoyed two dates with my husband sans children
tried a new raw dressing recipe
ate lots of greens

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