Sep 23, 2013

Secret Worlds

Envy. It's a strange emotion. The kicker is that the envy we feel is usually based on a story / lie we tell ourselves about the person or object we envy. It's so easy to look at another woman and think, "she has got it all together and she's adorable to boot." This is never true. She may be adorable, but she does not have it all together.

Unfortunately, the internet seems to be a breeding ground for this kind of emotion. Facebook is definitely one of the largest envy playing fields. But blogs are also a kind of envy-making machine. (I just read a great post about this by my friend Hilary - click HERE to read it.) I've been on both ends of this - feeling envious of the lives and homes of my fellow bloggers and also receiving emails from readers who have a singular view of my supposed "togetherness". But as I said before, none of these things are true.

While I was away this past week at an art and writing retreat, I came upon the quote below by Neil Gaimen. I immediately wrote it in my journal. (I think this is the first time I've ever shown anyone my journal!) Anyway, I think this is important... if we assume the "self" someone chooses to share on the internet is the whole store, then we are robbing ourselves of a deeper truth - "Everybody has a secret world inside of them." Every single person. And that secret world is far more faceted, unorthodox, quirky, astonishing and beautiful than anything that can be conveyed on Facebook. Don't sell your friends short and please, whatever you do, give yourself the credit you deserve. You are a walking, talking reflection of the earth's multitudinous gifts.

My "I Did It" lists, which I post every Monday, are a tool for me to look back and take stock of my week. Sometimes they are chocked full of amazing moments and sometimes they look like THIS. They remind me of a saying my Grandpa John used to recite: "Life is like a ketchup bottle, first comes none and then a lottle."

The "I Did It" List
worked out on Wednesday (so sore)
signed up for the Tabata Bootcamp series at Positively Fit Lake Highlands
attended the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire
went on two dates with my husband
knitted a cowl scarf
went to the theater and saw "A Raisin in the Sun"
did two photo shoots for
finalized the date and location for my solo art show
constructed a compost bin
hosted a baby shower

...and finally something secret that I can't share with you yet - but soon! 


Connie said...

You tease! Can't wait to know the secret. Good job on a week coming off a trip.

Betsy said...

I worked with a person who, as we talked about complicated issues, would say: "and yet the other reality is" .... My response frequently was to remark that I had trouble enough handling ONE reality. Thanks for this post reminding me that 'yes' we all live with multiple realities sometimes revealed, sometimes teased out by those we love and sometimes held close and secret. xoxo