Sep 10, 2013

Wine Diversions

My last post detailed my eating plan for the fall - basically, juice in the mornings and afternoons and then have a raw meal in the evenings. Already - only five days in - I've diverted. And this, my friends, is what they call being human.

I have still been juicing in the mornings and keeping my intake low in the early part of the day, but my evenings have included cooked meals and even a little wine. After sugar, wine is one of my favorite things to partake in. But the bottom line is that 1) I'm still on track and 2) I'm living in the moment - both healthy things. As my friend Jessica is always reminding me, "Whatever eating and exercise plan you adopt, it MUST be sustainable to you. We cannot pretend that we don't live in the world."

This week, I'm off for five days to New Hampshire. I'll be attending the Squam Art Workshops on Squam Lake with my mama!  I'm so thrilled for the time away. I'll of course be checking back in when I return.

The "I Did It" List

I drank lots of green juice
I drank lots of water
I stayed away from sugar - except for a sip of Sangria at a party, but I felt bad and ditched it
I met two writing deadlines 
My home art studio was featured on Houzz (click HERE to see it)
I went on a wonderful date with my husband and mother-in-law
I hosted a gathering of fabulous women
I paid my mortgage and my car payment

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