Sep 5, 2013

Refining my Eating Plan for Fall

I've been drinking green juice almost exclusively for 10 days. In that time I've successfully realigned my nutritional intake and dropped 11 pounds. It's so difficult for me (and for most people it seems) to leave refined sugar and preservatives behind and consume only fresh vegetable and fruit juices. It takes planning time and a little money for fresh produce and a juicer. It takes social strategy to avoid junk foods and pre-packaged food-like products. It takes a supportive family environment. It takes fortitude to press through those first difficult days of detoxification. But for me, it is totally worth it. And the results speak for themselves. I know that sounds kind of cocky, but the truth is that I feel great!

Today's juicing ingredients:

Moving forward, I'll continue juicing in the mornings and afternoons. The only change I'll be making is that I'll have a raw meal in the evenings. This can be salad and raw soup, or any of the yummy dishes from my raw recipes section on the blog.

When I'm in the process of loosing weight and training for an athletic event as I am now, my eating plans are always very fluid. Of course I have my rules: 1) No refined sugar, 2) No processed meat, and 3) No simple carbohydrates. But beyond those rules I can eat a wide range of things as long as they are whole foods - meaning they are as close to their natural state as possible.

So this week, I'll begin adding evening meals back into my juicing routine. Fasting on only green juice for the past 10 days did it's job and I'm confident that I'll stay on track as I reintroduce solid food to my system! If, as the fall progresses, I need to modify my eating plan, I will. Thanks all for your supportive comments in these past two weeks. I love to hear from you!


sara said...

sarah- do you add any protein to the juice when you exclusively juice?

Sarah Greenman said...

Hi Sara and thanks for your question. Greens like kale, spinach and broccoli (among others) have lots of protein from amino acids. This is why an animal like a Gorilla can grow the kind of bulk and muscle it needs from a plant based diet.