Oct 21, 2013

Cool Weather is Running Weather

I'm on day 22 of my Tabata Bootcamp project. It's slow going, but I'm feeling stronger and more balanced because of my workouts. After only 2 weeks of Tabata bootcamp, I lost a half inch off of my hips, waist and chest. My weight did not change, but my shape did! These classes are also helping me prepare my body for the half marathon I'm running in February!

This week I ran 6 miles and walked 5. I've been enjoying the cooler weather and hitting my neighborhood trails in the morning hours. My youngest son Charlie is also enjoying our run and walk routine in the jogging stroller. One of my favorite moments from the week: Charlie was screaming and unhappy for some reason. I laced up my running shoes, wrestled him into the stroller and head out the door for a run. Within moments, he was quiet, relaxed and happily watching the world go by. And so was I. Getting out for a run was a great way to break the crappy house-bound fits.

The "I Did It" List

ran 6 miles
walked 5 miles
improved in almost all categories at my Tabata Bootcamp fitness assessment
snacked on lots of fruit instead of chocolate
complete two paintings and started two more
went on a wedding anniversary date with my husband
hosted 13 graduate students from the theater department at SMU for lasagna dinner

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Your persistence and ability to engage Charlie in this routine is awesome!