Dec 1, 2013

Love yourself, and you're set.

"Love yourself, and you're set." 
- Lady Gaga Born This Way

December first. End of the year is upon us and I'm starting, as I always do, to take stock of what has passed. In August, I made an announcement that I would be running my first ever half marathon on February 23rd, 2014. I'm still on track with that goal, but it took me a month or two to really get into the swing of training for it. I guess that's why I set goals far in advance - I know in my heart of hearts that I'll need some time to wrap my head around what I'm doing. 

Then, there comes a time when your wiser self chimes in and says, "Sarah, can it. Stop thinking and head out the door running." And that time is here. Although I took last Saturday through Thursday off for Thanksgiving, I've run the past three consecutive days. Nothing crazy mind you. A mile on Friday, a mile and a half with Charlie on Saturday and 4 miles today, again with Charlie. It feels good to be running again.

Some thoughts:

Charlie's new favorite game is "chase", which is funny for a kid who cannot walk. He scoots around, army style, while the chaser feigns running with heavy breathing and lots of loud footfall. Then Charlie inches his way around the house, looking back periodically, giggling all the while. He loves when I take him for a run, because it feels like a game of chase. He's out in front while I huff and puff - always just behind him. So he starts giggling uncontrollable while we're running and his legs kick in the air as if he's running away. It's the sweetest thing ever.

For me, running is not about speed or distance or time or competition or even getting thin or losing weight. It is about feeling free. When I feel free and in charge of the moment, I can't help but feel deep love and gratitude towards myself. And this feeling, this well of love and gratitude seeps out into every other part of my day. And it's a great reason to simply get up and get out the door. 

On my run this morning with Charlie.

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Betsy said...

Such a great perspective you present. I love the Charlie running description. And thanks for the Lady Gaga quote! I might work it into this week at the conference in AZ. xoxo