Jun 7, 2011

Diet Books

So, I'm doing a little research and putting my diet plan together before I leap into a world without Dairy Queen.  I know it sounds simplistic, but I made a list of food that I love to eat.  It didn't matter weather the food was good for me or bad for me.  If I love it, it went on the list.  I was very happy to see that most of the foods on my "I love it" list were healthy foods.  And I was even more shocked to realize that most of the foods I loved were plant based.  My goal is to develop an eating plan that includes food I love to eat that doesn't require me to count every last calorie. 

So, with my list in hand I headed to the Barnes and Noble and browsed the weight-loss books, which was an experience in and of itself.  Health and Weight Loss was, appropriately I think, next to the religion section.  Here's the kicker - the weigh loss section was double the size of Religion. 5,000 years of religious, mystical and spiritual life did not add up to the bulky avalanche of weight loss literature available at the Barnes and Noble.  Hmm...

A nice lady was shelving books in the romance section across the aisle and said, "Can I help you?"  "Yes", I replied, "I'm fat and looking for a book that will make me thin."  She didn't bat an eyelash, "Well, there are lots of books to chose from."  I looked back at the overwhelming array of literature.  "Can you recommend one that allows for weekly trips to the Dairy Queen?"  She smiled and shook her head.  There was an awkward pause.  Finally, I said."Thank you, I'll just browse on my own."

After reading through a few dozen diet books, I found one that was most suited to my non-calorie-counting, "I love it" list.  The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.  This book has been recommended to me quite a few times, but I was surprised to find that this book was most closely aligned with my needs.  I thought, "Wow.  This seems kind of hard core."

I just finished reading the book and while I won't be able to implement all Ms. Rose's recommendations, this book is a great starting place for me as I plan my diet.  Again, I want this to be a lifestyle change and not a crash diet.  I want to make changes that will have a big impact and will be easy to maintain.  The best part about the Raw Food plan - no portion control or calorie counting.  Just eat whole, raw and yummy foods until you are satisfied.  I can roll with that.

 Have you read The Raw Food Detox Diet?  
What do you think?
Do you have a favorite weight loss book?  
Recommend it to me!


P.S.  I'm so happy that my mom is in town right now. She walked with me today!  We went walking in the afternoon as opposed to my normal morning walk.  (Note to self: walk in the morning.)  She totally schooled me - my mom chatted the whole time without stopping.  We walked at a good clip and I was out of breath, nodding my head as she talked.  She talked and walked and walked and talked and all I could think was, "Wow, Sarah, your 60 year old mom is in GREAT shape!  Thank God for awesome genes!"  Hopefully in a few months, I can power walk with my mom and be part of the conversation.  Until then, I'll focus on breathing.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until you outrun the hot guy/girl on the treadmill next to you! THAT is a good feeling!

You're doing great!!

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat. 2 pregnancies and about 50 to lose. Books that I have read and make sense to me are Tosca Reno- Clean Eating. She has several books. I recently checked out from the library Jackie Warner's new book- What's making you fat. I think that I may purchase it. It has great info on hormones. Haven't finished it. Good luck!

Daydreamer said...

i love veggies and healthy food, too...i just think sustaining a raw diet all the time wouldn't do it for me. i'll be very interested to know how you feel about it. Great job on your walking!