Jun 6, 2011

Habit Sarah vs. Smaller Sarah

This morning I woke up to the howling sounds of high winds coming down the canyon.  (I'm currently in Cedar City, Utah while my husband works at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.)  This was my internal conversation:

Habit Sarah:  I can't go walking in this wind.
Smaller Sarah:  Oh yeah?
Habit Sarah:  No way, its brutal out there - listen to that WIND!
Smaller Sarah:  Are you going to use this as an excuse not to move your body?
Habit Sarah:  Its not an excuse, its just a fact.  The weather is bad.
Smaller Sarah:  You live in a post global warming world - the weather is always bad.
Habit Sarah:  Oh, don't be so "I've got the big picture and you're just lazy."
Smaller Sarah:  Great, then get out there.  You've got a blog post to write!

So, I'm back from my walk with a mouth full of dust and a heart full of pride.  To make the walk go faster and avoid the tumbling sage brush, I ran about a quarter mile of my walk.  And you know what?  It was awesome. I used to run all the time while training with my high school basketball team - but that was fifteen years ago.  For some reason, I figured that my overweight self would be incapable of running.  But, really its no different than it was back then.  I sucked gas in high school and I suck gas now.  Yes, its harder on my knees - but mostly its the same. I'm just a running fat girl.  I'm not impaired, I'm just big.
Note to self: Your body was meant to move.

P.S. The playlist today on my walk was Madonna's album, Ray of Light.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! By the way, I high fived a hot guy on my run yesterday. It felt good.

Splenderosa said...

I am just SO SO proud of you. I've done nothing except walk the dogs, which is pitiful. But you've inspired me and I'm taking your big black quotation to put on my refrigerator.
Love you, Sarah. Go girl!!

Connie said...

Look at it this way, you probably burned more calories walking against the wind! You're awesome.

kelly said...

Girl...last night I was going to bed and thought...ugh, I don't want to work out tomorrow. But..I got up today and went to the gym and had the best work out. It even went fast.

So proud of you for telling your inner lazy girl to hush her mouth!

Nicole said...

I miss running. I used to run all the time in high school but my knees hurt so much now. I can't wait to get down about 20 pounds so I can add that back in to my routine. Way to talk yourself into it!

sbrar said...

I wanted to let you know that this post got me off of my but on Monday. I was making excuses to not go to the pool and do my usual swim (it was rainy and cold outside) but as I read your blog entry I realized that you were exactly right, my body was meant to move. So I got up and got myself to the pool.
Thank you.