Jun 23, 2011

Don't Forget to Smile

I've learned a few small lessons since beginning my walking regimen.  They're not revolutionary - they're just little tid-bits about the nature of exercise.  Initially, I thought that waking up in the morning and going for a power walk would get easier as the days wore on.  Which brings me to my first drop of knowledge: 

1.  It doesn't get easier.  You just get better.

I also thought that while on this journey, I'd be doing battle with my conflicting desires.  Namely these two desires: "I don't feel like going out for exercise" and "I want to stay home and eat something sweet".  This is what I've learned:

2. I almost always regret eating something sweet.  I never regret going for a power-walk.

The other thing that I've discovered (yogis have known this for centuries) is that smiling makes everything seem better and easier.  When I'm feeling a little burnt out or exhausted, the simple act of smiling releases endorphins and relaxes my muscles so that I can push through the tough spots.

3. Don't forget to smile.

P.S.  Today's play list was Journey.  I've been having trouble with my ear buds staying in my ears.  They keep wriggling out and I am constantly adjusting them.  I feel so silly, like a 13 year old girl who always messes with her hair. This came to a head today when I ran a half mile of my walk.  The running exacerbated the issue and made me realize, I need to invest in some proper sized ear buds.


Holly said...

I have good luck with the ones that have the little tabs that go over the tops and around behind your ears. I get them for $10 or so at Wal Mart.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the ear bud issue can be so annoying! During my running, it's all I can think about. As soon as I start the cool down and get back in the a/c, it's far from my mind. So, thanks for remind me to remedy that situation. I want the music to sound good, so I'd like to get something of good quality that perhaps attaches to more than just the inside of my ear. My issue is with sweat causing them to slip out of my ears. Once they've made their way out, there's no getting them back in. So. Annoying.

Also, I totally 'get' what you mean about regrets. Last night I ate a sensible dinner that was less tahn satisfying. As I sat on the couch an hour later, throughts of cookies and bagel chips started dancing through my head. Hubby even suggested we got get a sno cone. I laced up my shoes, and headed out for a run. Getting my heart rate up, and my body temperature up usually curbs my appetite, but I still baked a couple of cookies and ate them. Boy were they good. At least I can say I had a sensible dinner and burned off the 'bad' calories I took in later. And hey, two cookies are better than the number I used to consume. Trust me on that.

Keep at it Sarah!!

Jacki said...

Agree with Holly totally. mine never fall off.

After this year and a half of running, I've managed to make myself get up and go, but I will ponder all kinds of excuses to cut my run short and not go as far as I had planned. I had to make a rule for myself to not decide anything about my run until the half-way point, no matter the distance.

I also consider that I will never regret finishing my run and I remind myself about how proud of myself I'll be when I'm done. I wouldn't be proud of myself if I quit early, didn't go, etc.