Jun 11, 2011

My Own Omnivore's Dilema

The Omnivore's Dilemma, as described by Michael Pollan, is a daily decision that each human must navigate:  "What am I going to eat?"  Most of us are fortunate enough to have a large array of foods to choose from.  So, as I begin thinking about an eating plan, I'm asking myself not only what is healthy and essential for my diet, but also what do I enjoy eating?  Please know that when I use the word "diet" here, I am referring to The Human Diet and not a funny concoction of food combinations sprung from the the brain of Suszanne Somers.

I want to make sustainable healthy changes to my current diet that allow for yummy food without all of the calorie counting that accompanies most eating plans.  Obviously, I won't be gorging on ice cream and buttered popcorn any more.  I just finished reading The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose and for the most part I am very interested in her eating plan.  I will be using many of her recipes and heeding most of her tips for combining food. I will not, however be making my own almond milk or having a monthly colonic.  Some of her suggestions, while understandable in a certain context, are a little wack-a-doo in terms of my own lifestyle.  The reason I even picked up the book in the first place is because her diet featured many of the foods I love to eat.

Avocado / Guacamole
Salmon (her diet plan is not entirely raw)
Olive Oil
Sweet Potato
Fruit of all kinds
Portobello Mushrooms
Pesto Sauce
Cucumbers (one of my fave veggies)
All kinds of nuts

I've already started implementing more raw and healthy food into my meals this week.  I've also gone two weeks without late-night snacking which is one of my biggest bad habits.  These changes in addition to my daily walk make me feel lighter and more able to meet the challenges of my day!

P.S.  I weigh in tomorrow so check back to see my progress!  I was a little sad about only losing one pound last week.  But my sweet spouse reminded me that if I only lost one pound a week for the whole year I would be 52 pounds lighter.  He's an angel.

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Mary said...

Yay! I'm so glad you read the book! I agree, some of the stuff is a little whack a doo, but if you just take the basic principals that she talks about and apply them to your eating habits it will definitely make a huge difference in the way you feel AND look!