Jul 10, 2011

Weigh In - Week 6

Its been a big travel week for me.  My family and I left our post in Cedar City, Utah and drove 11 hours north and west to my mother's home in eastern Oregon.  We're in farm country now, situated in the high desert near the Snake River.  I managed the drive VERY well considering that it is my usual habit to snack on long car trips.  Not because I'm hungry, but because I'm bored.  We're staying with my mom and her lovely husband for the next two weeks.  Skicking to an eating plan while staying in someone else's home can be difficult sometimes, however my mom has stocked her fridge with lots of fruits and veggies knowing that I've made some big changes.  Thanks Mama for your support!  You are amazing!
I'm still walking most mornings and just returned from a 3 mile power walk on a beautiful country road.  Still on track and still dropping weight!  Yay!

Pounds lost this week:  3
Total pounds lost: 15

The "I Did It" List
power walked 5 days this week
mostly stuck to my eating plan
picked and ate fresh greens from a neighbors garden (with permission of course)
Did not eat ice cream 
(again, I'm not on an ice cream hiatus, but this was my main vice before starting this journey.)


oh_mg said...

Hungry vs. bored has been one of my biggest issues to conquer on this journey! I read somewhere once that when you feel like snacking, think HALT: am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired? It's usually one of the four, but not always true hunger. Figuring it out and treating it accordingly is a huge NSV!

Meagan @ Mommy to 5k said...

Oh, boredom is my WORST enemy! Way to be strong on the car trip!

I am so jealous of your country walks! A far cry from my concrete jungle! Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Six weeks already?! Wow! Time flies! You're doing great!

Kat said...

Sarah, Congratulations! I am a follower from DAM (though I catch up in spurts and not every day), and I am inspired by your journey. My husband started Slim4Life about 3 weeks ago. We cannot afford to have both of us "officially" on the plan (with their supplements, counseling, etc), but I am cooking the meals for all of us, so I'm eating "on plan" for the most part. At first I really thought to myself that I would just kind of be on their eating plan, but reading your success and honesty has inspired me to be a little more strict about making sure I follow their eating plan...and it is working! I haven't been brave enough to weigh myself yet (and the scale we have at home errors at my current weight, blush!), but my clothes and wedding ring are getting a bit looser, woohoo! I also have started doing warm-ups with my 3yo son and plan to add a short walk as many days as I can. I am also considering the possibility of starting a blog, specifically aimed at sharing the recipes and modifications to those recipes that I am finding to keep our family "on plan"; I'm not sure yet if I will be able to keep up with it yet though, so we'll see. Anyway, as I said before, congrats and thank you!

La Maison Boheme said...

Kat - thanks for your note! And congrats on your eating plan. I'd love to read a someday blog of yours with recipe modifications! Thanks for reading!

Yours - Sarah