Sep 20, 2011

Breaking the Fast

I've just finished my three-day juice fast.  I thought I might go longer, but decided to break the fast today.  I was up all night with my baby last night and didn't quite have the energy to continue on.  So, how did it go?  I think it went very well. 

The first day was much easier than I thought it would be.  I juiced green lemonade throughout the day, never going longer than 2 hours without a 12 to 16 ounce glass of juice.  I just focused on my kids and house chores.  I also did some writing to keep my mind off food and eating.  By the end of the day, I was feeling really good and somewhat euphoric even.  I finished the day with a small mug of green tea. 

The second day was much tougher.  I continued to juice throughout the day.  I felt energized and alert all morning, but by 3pm my tummy was grumbling and I had the keen desire to chew on something.  I hadn't had much water and realized pretty quickly that I needed more water.  Once I was hydrated and had another 16 ounce glass of green lemonade, I felt fantastic. 

Day three (yesterday) was pretty simple.  I felt at ease and energized.  My body felt empty and light which allowed me to run around and wrestle with my three year old.  My body felt markedly different.  I was thinking last night that I'd continue the fast for another 3-4 days, but no.  I broke my fast late this morning with a salad comprised of spinach, wild greens, sprouts and tomato.  It felt good to chew on something!

Overall, I think the fast was a success and I'll definitely do another one again sometime.  I lost about 2 pounds while fasting.  If my body were a pantry, I feel like I just took all the food off the shelves, threw out the old and unwanted food, scrubbed the walls and shelves, then wiped everything down with a plush dry towel.  I feel clean, fresh and void of dust and grime.  Its a good feeling.  Now, I can start putting hand picked, whole foods back on the shelf.  I'll chose wisely, I promise!


Anonymous said...

That's a great review of your fast! What a wonderful way to prepare your body for the very best nourishment.

anita said...

good for you!
thanks for the recipe -- i believe i'll need to invest in a juicer (when funds are available.)
i won't tell you what i've been eating....

AuNaturelBirth said...

well done! i wanted to tell you that i am so enjoying reading your posts, and i feel inspired by you to make some changes as well. i have been on a semi-raw diet for yrs, but just might make the leap. ;) keep up all your hard work sarah!