Sep 19, 2011

Weigh In - Week 16 ...and day 3 of juice fast

Last week I didn't weigh in because I was on my period and I thought I'd take it easy and give myself a week off.  I was still losing weight, but I didn't care to check.  This week has been great.  I started the week with lots of healthy raw foods.  On Friday, I went on a date with Jack, my husband, and splurged a little - shrimp and avocado salad, ceviche and two cocktails!  Wheeee!

Then on Saturday, Jack and I began a juice fast.  Today is day three and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to meet the day.  Last night was a doozy, however, because I was wanting to eat and feeling a little weak.  It turns out I needed a little more juice and some water.  So after re-hydrating, I felt better.  (Fasting tip - keep yourself hydrated!)

Pounds lost in the past 2 weeks:  6
Total pounds lost: 31

The "I Did It" List
I stayed focused on my eating plan
I allowed for splurges when appropriate
I began a juice fast, which I've been wanting to try

As per reader request, here is the juice recipe:

head of Romaine
two-three leaves of Kale
one lemon with peel
1-2 apples (cored)
4-5 whole celery sticks
small bit of ginger to taste

I juice these items in this order through my juicer, stir and drink!

Sometimes I'll add carrots or green grapes to this mix for sweetness and variety.


Appletree said...

wow! What's in the juice? I need to know!

anita said...

i need to know too!
did you post the recipe?

Jacki said...

wow, that juice sounds fantastic! now I want a never ends with me! :)