Sep 30, 2011

The Seeds of Change

I've planted lots of seeds in the past few months.  I began this journey by walking every morning.  Then I began cutting sugar and processed foods.  Then I started to eliminate meat and heavy dairy.  Then I transitioned to an 80 percent raw diet.  I planted these seeds myself in hopes that they would change my body and my life.

More importantly, I began thinking differently about myself and my weight, which I used to perceive as one in the same.  My weight is not "me".  It is not part of my chemical make-up or part of my genetic inheritance.  It is not my burden or my life sentence.  Changing my thoughts has yielded the most positive change in my world these past months.  I feel I can do it... and so I can.  It's really that simple.  Sound's silly, doesn't it?

Now that the seeds are planted, I must continue to water, weed and tend my garden.  This is the long term work, and it can be difficult to sustain.  I've lost 32 pounds so far.  I feel great about this big weight loss.  However, I still have 43 pounds to lose in order to reach my goal.  The remaining weight will only dissipate if I remain focused and committed.  I'm now in the process of learning how to remain committed to the goal.

As I wrote above, my first move towards obtaining my goal was to walk every morning.  I haven't been walking consistently since the end of July.  This is something I need to reinvigorate.  More physical activity will surely transition my weight loss into the next phase.  So I guess that starting a walking regimen (again) is the first step.  What else should I be doing?  What do you do to stay focused and committed when working towards a long term goal? 

Thank you all for your continued support and readership.  This blog has been the most invaluable tool in my journey to lose 75 pounds by June 1, 2012.


Appletree said...

You are almost half way there already! And you are right on, knowing you can do it is 90% of the battle.

MaryJo said...

The weather is finally turning into something tolerable and actually perfect for taking up walking again. I'm inspired by your progress and all you've done so far. Keep it up!

anita said...

Turn on your favorite music and DANCE in the living room. I swear to god I think I stayed in shape by all the dancing I did in clubs -- back in the day!!
Your boys will love it too.

Jacki said...

If I find myself in a weight-loss stall, I have to take a hard look at my "regime" and see if I'm actually doing what all I was doing when I first started. Am I exercising as much as when I was successfully losing? How much or what was I eating? was I planning my meals? was I eating out? What was going on? Having a journal or log is invaluable to me for exactly this reason!! It takes a REALLY long time to replace old habits, so having a period "come to Jesus meeting" is just the way to check yourself.

You're doing a fantastic job, btw, and I think your ability to be introspective is going to take you far and be one of your best resources.