Jan 4, 2012

Getting Better All the Time

On my very first day of boot camp (November 6, I think) I was lead through a series of physical assessments.  Every test was like a mini-nightmare of amalgamated junior high PE classes.  We ran the the mile, did push ups, sit-ups, jumped rope, hung from a bar - you get the idea.  Basically, I was thinking, "What in the world am I doing?  I'm a grown, fat, happy woman.  There is no need for all of this macho nonsense.  Just go home, dive into a double pumpkin pie latte frap and forgetaboutit."  Thank God I didn't.  As you know, I returned for more and more and more.

Here were the results of my first assessment back in November


Situp – 17 in a minute
Pushup – 14 (modified on knees) in a minute
Jump Rope – 51 in a minute
Plank – 1:19 modified (we hold this as long as we can, then collapse into a heap of heavy breathing)
Hang time – 6 secs (don't laugh, this shit is hard)
1 mile – 15:10
Waist measurement: 42"
Hip measurement: 53.5 "

Today, I did the same physical assessment that was given two months ago. Drum roll please.... here are the results:


Situp – 23 in a minute
Pushup – 27 (4 military) in a minute
Rope – 87 in a minute
Plank – 28/1:33 total (again, holding the position as long as you can)
Hang – 8 secs
1 mile – 12:10
Waist measurement: 41.5 "
Hip measurement: 52.5 "

I am so pumped about taking 3 minutes off of my mile!  That, for me, is the biggest and most compelling gain so far.  Well, that and taking an inch and a half off my waist.  That's pretty great too!  So today, I'm celebrating.  My body is healthy and my heart is glad.


Betsy said...

Congratulations! Lots to celebrate!

anita said...

Congratulations!!!! Big hug.

Connie said...

And...you did that with an ear infection that is still trying to heal! You are a ROCK STAR!!!

TiffWilk said...

You are SO awesome! Congrats on all of your improvements! Especially the mile!

Jacki said...

Wow, what accomplishments! I'm inspired to try a bootcamp now...that's incredible how many pushups and situps you can do! And the rope jumping! ***jealous***