Mar 9, 2012

Is that all you're eating?

I've now been back on solid foods for three full days.  I've been keeping my portions small - much smaller than I normally do.  Since coming off the juice cleanse, I feel almost immediately full when I'm eating any kind of dense food.  I've been sticking to fruit in the morning and a light lunch of greens.  Dinner has been all over the map, but all of it in small portions.  I've been out to eat twice, since I have family in town.  The first time, I could see the waiter look at my 75 percent uneaten plate with concern; "Are you sure you're done?"  The second time, I ordered a soup and the waitress sat waiting for the rest of my order.  "That's all, thank you." Sure, both of these people are in the food service industry, but on some level, I guess I feel self conscious eating such small portions.  I'll get used to it.  I'll have to, because my tummy simply won't allow me to eat anything too dense or rich without a little retaliation.  I'm grateful that the juice cleanse has re-tooled my sense of portions. 


Jacki said...

:) What a refreshing change! I'm sure waitstaff are just used to waiting on the Clean Plate Club.

anita said...

I worked at NIH for a summer while in college. The scientist I worked for was doing a study (with rats) on aging and food intake.
I don't remember many of the details, but I do know that the rats that ate significantly less food lived much longer than the rats that ate a lot.

La Maison Boheme said...

Anita - that is fascinating!

Nel said...

Maybe juicing is what i need to do. Portion control is my biggest issue.

Redfizz said...

Thanks for the reminder! I remember the first time I did a 40-day juice fast, all I kept thinking was, "Seriously? I haven't 'eaten' in XYZ days, and I have more energy than ever before!?" It's the complete antithesis to what we call logic.

I usually feel like I have less energy when I eat more. Do you suppose it's because our bodies are using all of the energy digesting?

Good for you for doing what's right for you. You're doing great!