Jun 8, 2012


I've been in a bit of a food slump the last few days.  And today my slump reached the saturation point when I consumed a mini Caramel Pecan Brownie Blizzard and a Pilsner within an hour of each other. Sooooo, yeah.  I'm on the last day of my period and hoping that tomorrow can be a "do-over" day where I ditch the super-size tampons and brewskis for panty liners and Perrier. 

All of this is intensified by the fact that I've only been out to run once since returning from Zion and I've only done one 20-minute round of strength training.  Its just not the same without Mallory and all the amazing people at Positively Fit.  I just keep telling myself, "Hey Miss Perfectionist, simmer down. You trekked 35 miles in four days at Zion. Take a breather and stop being so ridiculous." So there you have it - a week after making my goal of 75 pounds, I've probably gained two back from menstrual bloating and beer. Ah, the glamour!

How's your week going?

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Alison said...

This week I went to bootcamp twice, walked 3 miles, did one say of the 30 day shred and today I took three oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that Aubrey made and crumbled them into my oatmeal. Oh, and I had a piece if his white chocolate apricot bread, too :) Here's to Perrier today! You are doing great and thank you for keeping it real.