Feb 21, 2013

Blips are to be expected - Juice Fast Day 5

I'm on the fifth day of my juice fast and Oh. My. God. has it been a doozy.  I did it all wrong.  Usually when I do a juice fast, I spend many days in advance preparing by eliminating sugar, meat and flour from my diet. I have raw meals, I eat greens, I drink a lot of water, etc.  I usually also prepare my schedule so that I have plenty of time for produce shopping, juice making and even some quiet time.

This time, I had a plate of spare ribs the night before my juice fast and started my period on day 2 of the fast.  Brilliant.  On day four I went to a party with a bunch of friends and forgot to juice before leaving the house.  So there I was in front of a beautiful pesto pasta salad, on day two of my period, starving my balls off, without any plan in place to combat the feeling. So what did I do?  Forgave my poor planning, admitted that my body was not handling the fast and plated a serving of pesto pasta.  I also had a girl scout cookie to top it off.  That's right - a cookie.  It was delicious.  And you know what?  It's okay.  Eating a plate of pasta during a juice fast is not some kind of dieting trespass. I needed it and I ate it. 

So, today I'm feeling better and I'm back on the juice fast.  I've got a full fridge of beautiful organic produce and I'm moving forward.  So what?  I ate some pasta and a cookie.  My old self would throw her hands up in the air and say "You're doing it all wrong and you're a failure!"  But it's okay to do it all wrong.  Blips are to be expected.  Greet them with gentleness.  Be soft and fluid and let the tough spots move through you without judgement and recommit the next day.  Forgive, acknowledge and recommit.

P.S.  I've lost 8 pounds already! And since I'm on my period, 
a time when it's normal to gain four pounds, I'm feeling great about the results. 
Let the juicing continue!


Connie said...

Good Lord! I think being able to do a fast for four days is amazing! So now you're following it up after a respite of a day, and doing another fast. WOW!!! You ROCK!
PS FYI the word I have to type in to prove I'm not a robot....gtonicl
How funny is that!

Sarah Greenman said...

gtonicl! That is a riot. Subliminal messages are everywhere!

Aubrey said...

I think you're doing great and will continue this path. Had I been put in that position four days in, I would have done much worse than some pasta and one cookie. That was the point I was still in my ravenous hunger phase. I'm glad you are blogging it again because I love to read about it. You're doing great!

Team Clary said...

It's so hard to greet blips with gentleness when you're starving your balls off. Nice save, friend.

Anonymous said...

"I was starving my balls off..."
LOLOLOL!! Way to get back on that horse, Sarah!


Anonymous said...

"I was starving my balls off..."
LOLOLOL!! Way to get back on that horse, Sarah!


Erlinda Lilly said...

“Forgive, acknowledge and recommit.” I couldn’t have said that better myself! We’re human, after all, and we’re all bound to give in to temptation every now and then. What’s important is not beating ourselves up over it or completely giving up. If I may suggest, try adding powder supplements to your juices. I found that those help curb the munchies as they can be filling when made into thick shakes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I found this post cos I'm on day 6 of my juice fast, and I just googled 'I've eaten on my juice fast'!
SNAP, I began my first fast, started my period on day two, went to a BBQ on day 4, but abstained from eating ANYTHING, however...today...I just felt soooo low, and hunger pangs reduced me to tears, so I had a bite to eat, then a few more bites.
Beat myself up a bit over this because I'd managed for so long, (and it's been a loooong 6 days let me tell ya!) but then decided to think positive, and instead of giving up because of one little blip, so I'm just gonna get back
to juicing tomorrow.
So great to read your words, and makes me feel less guilty, after all one little stumble doesn't mean you can't finish the Marathon!