Feb 26, 2013

The First 10 Days

If you remember (10 days was a long time ago) I began a juice fast on February 16th.  I said I was going to have only juice for 10 days, and then start adding raw meals back onto the menu for another 20 days.  I was going to clean out my system and get my weight back on track.  Remember?

Here's what happened. I didn't prepare properly (like eating veggie based meals in the days leading up ti the fast), I didn't plan on starting the mother of all menstrual cycles (being a girl can sometimes suck), and I was really really hungry (because I wasn't planning ahead by having enough on hand for the juicer). So there is a big difference between what I planned and what really happened.  Here's what my average day looked like during the past ten days:

7am  -  wake up starving, go to the bathroom to change my diaper, and juice all morning

noon -  take care of children, change my diaper, watch them eat solid food all day, and juice some more

4pm  -  realize that I haven't planned for this notorious low-blood-sugar portion of the day and proceed to eat lots of fruit: bananas, grapes, oranges...  Oh, and then I change my diaper

6pm  -  change my diaper, cook dinner for the family, then cave in and eat dinner instead of juicing

But you know what?  I'm not unhappy about how the week transpired.  I was ill-prepared for a juice fast and I didn't force it.  I think we sometimes forget that WE ARE THE BOSS of our bodies and our time.  Just because you're following a 10-day juice fast or a Jillian Michaels Shred doesn't mean that you have to follow it exactly.  In the end, I still drank bucketloads of green juice, stayed away from super sugary foods and lost 10 pounds!

Now that my dreaded period is subsiding (9 days is enough I say!) I'm curious to see if I might be able to re-stabilize and begin juicing again.  I'll keep you posted.  The next 20 days will certainly include lots of juicing, raw meals, the occasional treat and as always, three days a week of boot camp!  I remain optimistic.


KiKiD said...

Have you tried a diva cup? Life changing.

Mrs. Bianca said...

changed your diaper...lol! I have to change mine every 2 hours, 4 if I use a diva cup (b/c I still spill). Fertility is great and all, but wowsa. I still think you are a badass. I totally love that quote!