Aug 19, 2013

Say Yes and Figure It Out Later

It's a new week and I'm off to bootcamp this morning. My goal this week is to attend a few fitness classes and get out on my own for at least one run. This weekend I registered for my first half marathon (yikes!) and while I'm nervous about running such a long distance, I'm excited about the prospect of training for such an event. What will I do to train? Run, I guess. I haven't even begun looking into training programs, but I'm sure that will come soon enough. The key is to say yes, set the goal and then figure out how you're going to get there.

The "I Did It" List

went running this weekend for the first time in over two months
attended a killer work out at Positively Fit Lake Highlands
registered for my first half marathon (Feb. 23rd)
had a date with my husband
didn't finish my pancake breakfast on Sunday because I was full
photographed two homes for
weeded my front yard (long overdue)
showered at a friend's house because our hot water heater is on the fritz

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