Aug 24, 2013

3-Day Count Down to my Juice Fast

In the three days leading up to a juice fast I like to prepare my body and brain. I've tried going cold turkey before.  Yes, I'm that stupid lady who tried In n' Out Burger the night before and then strait to liquids the following day. It doesn't work. Take it from me.

This time I'm making some different choices and I thought I'd share what I'm doing to dial down my complex solid food intake before going all liquid. Here's what my Saturday, Sunday and Monday will look like:

3-Day Count Down

Saturday: Eliminate meat, alcohol and dairy. (I can eat anything else.)

Sunday: White flour and white sugar join the elimination list. (I can eat anything else.)

Monday: Grains, nuts and carbs join the elimination list, which means only veggies and fruit for the last day. But I can eat as much of it as I like.

Then What?

Then, I start a 7-day juice fast on Tuesday. I'll mostly be drinking green juice throughout the day. I usually change up the menu for my afternoon juice to something else, but then return to the green juice in the evening. I drink as much green juice as I want during the day. At night, sometimes I treat myself to a warm mug of plain green tea. And that is it!

Here's a meatless meal to kick off my countdown:

Sweet Potato, Onion and Kale Tacos: This is one of my favorite cooked meals and its perfect for day one of my 3-day count down. I start with a hearty vegetable / starch as a base such as chopped sweet potato (my favorite), portobello mushrooms, brown rice or quinoa. I sauté the veggies in a little olive oil until semi-soft. Then I toss them in a tortilla and serve. I like to add my favorite salsa for a little kick. So good!

I threw in some quinoa at the last minute to stretch it out and feed my husband. 

The count down begins!


Courtney Pool said...

Juice cleansing is absolutely amazing! Have a great one!

Sarah Greenman said...

Yes - I love juice cleansing! This will be my fourth in two years!